Is it ok to use VPN?

I saw some videos suggest opening VPN would help you get more BAT.

But I saw some posts here says they are flagged.

So is it prohibited to use?

better you dont use it, because you will get flagged and get no ads anymore and so also no bats

got it :smiley: thanks for the answer

It is ok to use a VPN as long as your computer and VPN locations match. Usually, accounts are flagged when using a VPN because there is a mismatch which triggers Brave’s fraud alerts. Ad campaigns target certain regions and some users try to change their location via VPN to get ads they would not normally be eligible to receive.

This help center topic has additional information.

Source: Why don’t I see any Brave Ads after enabling them?

Common Reasons for not seeing Ads

If you’ve gone through all of the above and have looked at the additional resources provided below (highly encouraged) and believe that you are encountering an error with Brave Ads, it may be due to one or more of the circumstances listed below.

Note that this list is subject to change in the future as new updates are added to the browser.

Possible Cause Why? User Action (if available)
Users wallets were marked as fraudulent Users who’s wallets have been flagged for suspicious activity are not eligible to receive or earn from Brave Ads. Do not attempt to defraud the Rewards/Ads system.
User is on a VPN Brave discourages using VPNs for the purpose of downloading ad catalogs from other countries. Doing so may increase the chances of being flagged as suspect, and result in issues with claiming tokens on the payment date.
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