Don't receive ads in the US while behind a VPN

If I change my vpn to Britain I receive ads again. If it’s set to somewhere in the US I do not receive any ads. I emailed support awhile back, and never received a response.

This is my previous post on this with more details.

A VPN will cause such issues. It’s because when you use a VPN, it can be used to get ads from other regions since one of the locale it checks for is your Internet region. So if it’s set to another country you may receive ads from there. This may also get your rewards profile flagged since this method can be used to earn more BATs than you should.

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How would I correct this? I tried emailing support and never received a response.

What do you mean by emailed support?
Raised a ticket?
Anyway I’ll tag @Evan123 to have a look into this. Thanks!

I mean I used this form.

Yep that’s ticket I was talking about.

Did you get your ticket id in your email ?

The ticket ID is 173682.

Can you just make sure that there’s no revert back in your spam / junk folder?
There’s been a lot of cases where the replies ended up being there. Lol.