Don't receive ads in the US while behind a VPN

If I change my vpn to Britain I receive ads again. If it’s set to somewhere in the US I do not receive any ads. I emailed support awhile back, and never received a response.

This is my previous post on this with more details.

A VPN will cause such issues. It’s because when you use a VPN, it can be used to get ads from other regions since one of the locale it checks for is your Internet region. So if it’s set to another country you may receive ads from there. This may also get your rewards profile flagged since this method can be used to earn more BATs than you should.

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How would I correct this? I tried emailing support and never received a response.

What do you mean by emailed support?
Raised a ticket?
Anyway I’ll tag @Evan123 to have a look into this. Thanks!

I mean I used this form.

Yep that’s ticket I was talking about.

Did you get your ticket id in your email ?

The ticket ID is 173682.

Can you just make sure that there’s no revert back in your spam / junk folder?
There’s been a lot of cases where the replies ended up being there. Lol.

Ok, so I reset my rewards account. I started receiving ads for a couple days, and they have stopped again. I’m heavily blocking traffic going into my router. I don’t have any issues if I switch the VPN to using an endpoint in the UK. But, I do in the US.

Hello - A response was provided on ticket 173682 back in January. Please check your spam/junk folder. Thanks!

VPNs, firewalls, filters, etc. may block or interfere with the browser’s requests for the Brave Ad Catalog.

The issue with running a VPN with Brave Ads, is that in most cases, the VPN locale is likely outside of the actual country the user is in. When an advertiser is buying an ad campaign, they are selecting a country for the ads to run in, with an expectation that Brave will be serving ads to people within that country. There are several reasons for this, with a few being that advertisers often may not be able to legally operate in certain countries or regions, they may not service or may not support shipping to specific countries, or may have a product they’re advertising that performs better in one country over another. Brave has an obligation to serve an ad to a user in a country that the advertiser has chosen to serve to. Brave determines location using our privacy preserving ads protocol, meaning that the location is inferred locally on the device, but that’s the primary reason why you are not likely to observe ads with a VPN enabled.

I hope this helps! Thanks again.

I think it’s from me running Zenarmor to filter packets coming out of my router. Are there any IP addresses I need to let through?

Yeah, it’s doing it again. I received ads for like a couple hours after first resetting my rewards, and then they stopped. If I switch over to the UK ads come back.

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