Connect to Avalanche Network

I was using the Brave wallet to access other networks like Avalanche.

When I turned on my computer, I no longer had access to this wallet because of the new Brave update. I have imported my old wallet but cannot no longer connect my wallet to the dApps I was using or access the funds on the network.

I have tried adding the Avalanche Network in settings for the Brave wallet but no amounts are included.

I am considering importing my brave wallet to Metamask but do not want to create more issues.

Is anybody else having this issue? Any solutions?

Go to and just select on avalanche. it will prompt you to use it’s network details.

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I dont need a bridge, funds already on avalanche just not accessed through Brave wallet. This is an issue with the new updated brave wallet

I didn’t say you needed a bridge. You can choose to read what I wrote, or ignore it when I’m trying to help. What I’m telling you is a workaround for adding the Avalanche network quickly, and easily.

Then I apologize. Thanks for helping. It wasn’t the solution for me (I figured out my mistake) but hopefully it helps someone else

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I’d suggest using for now to add custom networks. As always be sure to double check the network settings once added

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does this resolve the issue of not be able to pay for gas fee?

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No. It only allows you to add the chain to the list of networks.

I have same problem.
After the update, Avalanche wallet address on metamask was overwritten Brave address.
I started Metamask with Chrome.
However, I couldn’t fix it
Is there a way to undo it?

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Please check Wallet problems - #8 by sriram

Thank you for this link. I was in a panic after upgrading Brave, and it’s crazy that Brave makes you input all the various chain info to re-add networks after the upgrade. The Brave devs might consider putting this link in a help note or something on that networks setting page. Thank you again.

If you go to the link posted above and select Avalanche, it will auto-provide the info into the Brave wallet settings. Worked for me. This link: Also worked for adding other chains.

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Top suggestion thanks. Much easier than re-adding manually.

I am having the same issue with the Avalanche network on Brave. In my view so far the older My Crypto Wallet peformed much better than this new wallet on Brave, there are too many issues with this new wallet.

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