New wallet gas fee bsc

Hi. First impression of the new wallet is sh… not good. I will adjust to the ui changes and I will use the new one at the end. But right now fees for bsc are calculated really bad. 30$ for a transaction in this network is a joke. How is this happening? Also I cannot find any info on how to disable the new wallet which can be frustrating.

Thanks for the report, we have this fixed here and we’ll get it in by the 1.33.x release or the next hotfix if there is one:

This should be working with the recent hotfix (1.32.113). Please let us know if you’re still having issues. Thanks!

I can see some improvements but now I cannot connect the wallet to the sites I use. It does not react in any way for connection requests.

@piatas Can you share link to those sites that don’t give you prompt to connect? I can also check. Are you able to connect to, for eg.

On chainlist I am able to connect to bsc. I also checked some apps on ethereum and it works. This one however is not responding

Works for me. I am able to connect. May be create a new topic as this one has been marked as solved, fill out the template (Brave version etc.), a screengrab perhaps and tag someone from support team.

Will do. Thanks a lot!

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