Wallet cannot connect to snowtrace.io ( Avalanche C-Chain explorer)

Issue: Brave Wallet cannot connect to https://snowtrace.io/ , the Avalanche C-Chain explorer, to revoke unlimited spend contracts. via the “Metamask” option

Steps to recreate:

  • Go to https://snowtrace.io/tokenapprovalchecker`

  • Enter a Wallet address

  • Click the " Connect to Web 3" button on left

  • Select “Metamask” in popup window

  • The site returns another window that prompts you to “please connect your metamask”

  • Then nothing happens, Brave Wallet cannot connect to Web3 Metamask feature for https://snowtrace.io/


Logged issue for this. Please track the progress in

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The fix is live on today’s release 1.35.100

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