BNB tokens sent to Brave are in limbo

Hello, I thought it would be convenient to use the Brave wallet when I noticed the update and sent BNB to the address only to discover it can’t connect to the Binance network. I’m assuming you’ll be adding the network asap as it makes the wallet a poor option compared to your competitors. When will this be update be coming, and will I be able to access my funds when it does?

You can add EVM compatible chains (BSC) manually via brave://settings/wallet/networks or automatically via (I would recommend chainlist)

As far as I know, other leading EVM extension based wallets also support Ethereum mainnets and testnets by default and other networks like Polygon/matic, bsc are to be added by user. So, I don’t know what you are talking about.

Even on metamask you need to add network by yourself.

use to add various networks. It’s great site and it’s open source

Thanks for your response - my Brave wallet doesn’t connect to the chainlist site… it would auto connect to my metamask so I changed the default wallet to Brave in settings. It was connected at one point but did nothing when I clicked the blue “connect wallet” on the binance smart chain option (on chainlist). I’ve had no luck reconnecting the Brave wallet to chainlist since. And when it connected briefly, BSC did not appear in the network drop-down menu within brave wallet.

I then added the Binance network manually using the input info from Binance’s site. Binance Smart Chain now appears as a network option within my Brave wallet, but says I’m a multi-billionaire (severely wrong balance). I feel like I definitely got closer, but still not a full cigar… There were a few input points I wasn’t 100% sure about though, mainly “chain’s currency decimal” (i put 8), and I left “Icon URLs” blank… let me know if you have any ideas!

I tried to transfer “max” BNB from Brave to Metamask, and checking bscscan, I actually did manage to send/receive 0.03 BNB (not my max amount). Although the amount did update in my Metamask, its doesn’t show up in the BNB “activity” on Metamask… should all transactions appear in the metamask activity section?


This sounds like an error in the value field when inputting the required token of precision settings for viewing bnb bep20 tokens in metamask.

I believe the correct value is 18. Adjust that and you should see the correct amount.

Hope that helps!

Hey thanks for your advice - do you know if theres a way to do this without just adding a new network? I can’t seem to find a way to adjust any of the info once the network has been added to Brave.

Thanks in advance

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You can edit your networks by going to brave://settings/wallet/networks and click on 3 dots on the right hand side and click Edit.

If the 3 dots for your network don’t appear, make sure this network is not selected in the Brave wallet. Change network in Brave wallet to something else, refresh brave://settings/wallet/networks and you will be able edit.

Also, 18 is the correct currency decimal for BSC.

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Amazing, thanks very much!

That fixed it - thanks again legend!

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