Unable to access/Send/swap my tokens nor add another Network (BSC)

I am using the new Brave wallet,

I have several different addresses. Since the new wallet was automatically installed I am unable to see my tokens unless i go to Etherscan. If I try to send tokens from my wallet It only shows me 4 options, Eth, Brave, Reserve Rights and AAVE. I try using the search bar and nothing comes up. Only those 4 tokens. I have lots of tokens i am unable to access them and need help.

In addition to that I am unable to add a new netowrk to the wallet.

Before the update I had Binance Smart Chain network and many tokens stored in there, again I am able to see the tokens in bsccan.com address but am unable to access them/send them.

Can someone please help!

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Hey @luminousbeing,

Happy to help! :slight_smile:

You will need to add your tokens to your account.

  1. Sign into your Brave Wallet and go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio

  2. Click on the Visible assets button at the bottom left.

  3. Here you can search for tokens and add them

  1. If you do not see the token you are looking for, you can click Add custom asset

  2. For the Ethereum network, if you paste in the contract address is should Auto Populate the token information for you

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For adding custom networks, there is 2 possible ways!

First way:

  1. Go too brave://settings/wallet/networks, click Add and fill out the network information.

Second way:

  1. Go to chainlist.org and click Connect Wallet

  1. Search for the network you want (example: BSC) and then click Add to Metamask

  1. Click Approve and you’re all set!
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