Brave Wallet bug?

Hi, I have an question about a scenario that happend with BRAVE BROWSER. I have connected to their intern wallet “brave://wallet/” and changed my network to Smart Chain before any transactions.

I am now connected to Smart Chain BEP-20 thru my wallet, and depositing/transferred BNB’s from a other wallet, but the BNB’s that is transferred are on my ETH (ERC-20). I have tried different wallets and DEX but it still on my ETH with the same amount I sent with BEP-20 (that is ofc wrong since price diff).

I have tried to check any BRIDGE solutions but all of them are supported with eiter Metamask, Binance Smart Wallet or others. Do someone had similiar problems? Thanks.

You don’t connect to the smart chain through a wallet. You connect your wallet to the BSC network.

If the BNB was sent to your address using the ERC-20 network, it will be on the ERC-20 network. Conversely, if it was sent on the BSC network, it will be on that network. You can use a bridge to transfer the BNB between networks.

The reason your wallet works across different networks is because the networks/blockchains are compatible (purposely implemented that way).

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