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everytime i either try to transfer to my metamask or transfer to a different chain it keeps either denying me or says the gas is to high for it ive tried multiple ways to withdraw my money back out from the wallet and im keeping annoyed with it, probably last time i ever was this wallet . i literally just want to withdraw my money back

Hello! Any issue with gas fees are related to the network itself. If you are seeing an insufficient funds message, you’ll need to add more ETH or wait for the network to be less busy.

The error in the screenshot above looks like its related to your default wallet settings. You can set Brave Wallet as default with these instructions.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

im getting really annoyed with this wallet i literally just want to transfer my funds or bridge my funds to a different blockchain. I have the funds to transfer i have took away my meta mask and aregent X and i still wont let me bridge my funds so that i can withdraw it back
please give me a way to get back the funds i bought on this wallet

What error are you experiencing when attempting to transfer funds? Any screenshots may be helpful. Thank you!

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