How can i connect BSC on new brave wallet?

the new wallet changed everything, my networks were erased. Now I can’t configure the BSC network, it’s asking for an ID of the new string that starts with 0x, I can’t find this information. Can someone show you how to configure the BSC network in the new wallet?


For easy use add the preferred network using Be sure to double check the details once added

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HI Sriram,
I added Binance Smart Chain to the new Brave Wallet via the link you suggested, and I do see the option to change the network to it; however, when I do, it seems I can’t buy or swap BNB as it says, “Binance Not Supported”. Am I missing something?

That is correct. Currently Swap is only supported on Ethereum Mainnet and Ropsten not on any custom networks

Being unable to use other networks with today’s market conditions…I am going back to Metamask.

Well what’s the point of adding Binance Smart Chain, if it’s native token, i.e., BNB, is unsupported? Also, the old MetaMask Brave extension did support it, no problems, so seems like a bit of a downgrade.

You replied to akylius saying to go to to add BSC, but what good is it if we can’t buy and sell BNB on it? Am I missing something? Is this something that will be implemented later? Some clarification here is appreciated.


Yes it will be implemented

we cant even transfer any $coins to out of brave wallet… not till they fix this… what an upgrade to trap all brave users.

Why my Bat decreases?
It was 38$
Going down slowly now 32.89$
Even Brave’s 2 hand in ordinary people’s pockets​:rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
If people earn money from adds, it should be real money and should remains as it is!!!
Secondly why should we sign up with Uphold!!
Uphold is for Cripto.Brave tries to sign up people as many as it can with with Cripto.Forcing people to sign up with Cripto and reveal their ID.where is privacy!!
That’s disappointing and discussing.
Why don’t you make it easier??
Most people have PayPal.Let people have real money and transfer their money wherever they want

I think BAT increases or decreases depending on the market price, in your wallet.

I understand you want to release your own wallet version to your community, but really, releasing a half finished product is always a bad idea. Especially, if your previous version worked fine. All it does is make people install Metamask on Brave now instead of sticking to the native Crypto Wallet that we used to have.

This is the worst release of wallet that I ever seen.
Imposing this useless wallet. I lost all my accounts. No options to keep the hold version.
No private key working.
Set up a BSB is messy as hell. Set us the binance chain. FINALLY…nothing works.
I’m so angry and upset i spent 4 hours trying to figure it out this mess.

FIX Binance smart chain and all the other messy set up. So bad.


It sucks. I can’t see my bsc accounts anymore, not even after having reconfigured the chain and restoring the wallets.

Hi there, if you have accounts that are not showing up you can go to the accounts tab in the new wallet and add the extra accounts there.

I agree that our import process was not ideal for a transition from the old wallet. You’ll have to manually add networks you had in the old wallet either in settings or via a site like

You can get back to the old wallet in brave://settings/wallet but I recommend to stay on the new wallet because there’s a lot of new things coming only to the new wallet.

Used Chainlist to add Avalanche chain, but AVAX is not supported. Did same with Binance Chain, and again, BNB is not supported. When will you guys support these tokens in the Brave MM wallet? Am I going to be able to buy AVAX on Coinbase then send it to the Brave MM wallet on the Avax chain? I’m not confident this will work w/o me losing my funds.

This just shows that there is no Buy and Swap feature within the wallet for Avalanche. Avalanche is supported itself.

I added an issue to make those tooltips on the disabled buttons more specific:

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We also have swap for those chains coming in 1.37.x within a couple weeks.