Clicking on verify says device limit reached but then switches to verified

Clicking on verify says device limit reached but then switches to verified. I know that I’ve previously connected more than 4 devices, so I’m wondering what’s going on. If the browser says it’s verified does that mean I will be getting my rewards transferred to uphold for that device or will it fail because of the previously linked devices despite saying verified?

EDIT: The correct BAT balance on Uphold shows in addition to saying verified.


Well. I reinstalled back from windows 11 to 10. And now even after backing up everything from brave, I reached the limit. This is as dumb as it can get. First it did the same with changing back to verified as zou had. But then I updated brave to 1.29. and now I cant use uphold anymore… Also the estimated reward disappeared. So not only did I get effed bz the device limit, I also am effed not recieving my whole month of BATs…
Like what the hell Brave. Fix this… let me delete or unlink old devices. dead installs of windows. why is this not an option???

And dont tell me to just use Gemini now since its there. I am in Germany. So gemini is no option… Like at all. I NEED UPHOLD TO WORK!!!


Me ha pasado lo mismo, es absurdo porque si bien inicie sesión varias veces fueron en los mismos 3 dispositivos que he usado siempre. Tuve que reiniciar mi pc por diversos motivos y por iniciar sesión de nuevo alcancé el límite de dispositivos, no perdí mis bats pero no se acreditarán a mi cuenta de uphold…

Bro who’s going to trust that you are going to actually send it back

I’m wondering when a mod is going to step in.

Sh*t, I don’t know the chatting policy

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