BRAVE : Rewards & Uphold (4 divice limite reached)


I come with an issue that is starting to get on my nerves and a lot of other people using the BRAVE rewards system are having the same issue.

Basically when I want to link my wallet to brave I get this message: “Device limit reached | Your wallet cannot be verified because you have reached the maximum number of devices allowed.”

The problem is, when I reinstall my computer and reinstall BRAVE, it counts as a new device. I have reinstalled my computer 4 times so I am stuck. This should not happen in this kind of case, please do something because I tried to create a second uphold account to link it but it is not possible either because you can only have one uphold account per anybody.

Do something BRAVE listen to your community I’m not the only one with this problem.


I have the same problem. I contacted Uphold and they told me to contact Brave, except there is no way to contact Brave.

What do we do? Back to Chrome?


same problem here dont know if they are going to fix it but i sure hope they do. And i cant even use gemini because it isnt supported where i’m from :slightly_frowning_face:

Brave is working on a fix, but it may take some time to implement.

Okay but do you think BAT was stacked during this time will be lost or be transfered to uphald in fine ?

No, if you can’t verify your Uphold wallet (due to device limit), nothing will be transferred to Uphold. It will just stay in your Brave Rewards.

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