Verified Uphold member since 2019 - got only 1 computer - "Device Limit reached"

Suddenly i have the

Device Limit Reached | Your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.

message and i’m unable to claim my 10 BATs.

I only have this one computer, never used Brave/Uphold on mobile.

What can i do to fix this? Why am I getting this? And please don’t tell me this is an issue on Uphold’s behalf because it’s not.

I assume i can’t have a second verified Uphold account to transfer everything over there and continue claiming my rewards?

have you reinstalled the brower, formated your pc while the wallet was verified or verified wallets in different profiles?

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This error message is a bit misleading as its not devices that are being counted, it’s the number of unique connections to brave that is being counted, for example having 1 device with 3 profiles all linked to uphold will count as 3 devices out of possible 4.

If for some reason your device breaks the connection to uphold in some way, due to reinstall of OS or Brave or resetting the whole brave account with the reset wallet button and you re-connect uphold, this will count as a new connection and you will lose 1 uphold connection and this adds up over time… a lot of people are in this same boat, as am I, where I have BAT but can’t transfer it…

hopefully something changes in the future but this limit is not very good for Brave


This is just ridiculous. Why would Brave implement such a limit? And why are they only telling you of this limit after you have exhausted it? What’s the point?

I’m going to contact Uphold after the weekend to see if I can remove my account and create a new one with a new mail address.


Yea that’s for sure what caused it. You would think that verifying your account via KYC method would be enough to not get into such issues…

the problem is that every instance (profiles and devices) have his own payment id :confused:

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