Upgrading win 7 to win 10

I’m (finally, don’t ask…) upgrading an old ex work win 7 machine to win 10. However I have to do a clean install as I need to get rid of enterprise AV etc on it, but as it is one of my 4 uphold verified devices I’d like to be able to keep the brave ‘id’ (as it were). I’d there a config file or some such I can copy off and then re instate after or Doe sit just go by e.g Mac address? Hope that makes sense

Beware. There are probably a few roadblocks.

As far as I understand (which is not much) the local wallet is stored in the browser’s “application data” but it does not (easily?) transfer to another installation.
I do not know how exactly it is tied to the machine, but I think it’s more complicated than just the mac address.

Also, Uphold will consider the new OS installation as a new device too, subtracting from the maximum 4 linked devices, and it doesn’t let you free a slot even if you unlink the device.
So, if the 4 slots are already used up, you will have trouble linking the Win 10 installation.
There is a possibility that the Uphold support can free the Win 7 slot for you but I’m not sure.

It’s not even clear (to me at least) if an OS upgrade would count as the same device or not.

To keep the BATs safe, the only possibility at the moment seems to be “uploading” them from the local wallet to the online one – and wait for the transaction to complete before proceeding.

@elder-n00b is correct, unfortunately. There is really no way to move your BAT from your Win7 installation to the Win10 installation other than transferring to your Uphold wallet, and you will lose the device allotment for Uphold, since Uphold considers each OS installation to be a new device.

And then I see this thread and I wonder, has the device limit finally been lifted, or is this guy incredibly lucky?

Better wait for a confirm, but this at least would let you link Win 10.

I’m not saying that it’s absolutely guaranteed to work, but a user managed to restore their bookmarks and BAT after an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Take a look:

Duly note that I’m probably the last person to comment on Brave Rewards, I just remembered I’ve helped with a similar issue and thought I would share with you.

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Unfortunately I’ve had this happen too. It verified OK to a 5th device but it doesnt pay out. That was before I knew about the 4 device limit

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