Device limit reached // I only use 1 device

i formatted my pc, and reinstalled brave… i am trying to connect my uphold wallet and i get the msg:

Device limit reached |Your wallet cannot be verified because it has reached the maximum limit of verified devices.

I only use 1 device.

What can I do? thanks

Oh, i’ve got the same issue, I post a comment here to see the answers (I’ve open a ticket for that too)

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If you format your pc, reinstall Brave and link you Uphold wallet again, Uphold will count this new link as a new device. As far as I know, there is nothing you can do about this issue at the moment as this limit is set by Uphold. Maybe their user support can assist you.

Recently, Brave also added the option to use Gemini wallets instead of Uphold. If Gemini supports your country of residence and you are looking for a quick and smooth solution, I personally recommend to open a Gemini wallet. They have a limit of maximum linkable devices (i think it is four) too, but at least for the moment you could link your browser to an external wallet provider again to receive your BAT rewards. And maybe in the meantime someone from Brave or Uphold can provide a solution on how you are able to link your Uphold wallet again.

thank you <3 i have already sent a msg to uphold

Hello, good morning this problem I also have it but when I verify it in my android device if it allows to verify the account and I think that this went through an update of brave because I opened my brave browser and it closed the account and lost what I win

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