Error: Device limit reached with uphold


I’m trying to get my wallet reverified with uphold to my pc and I’m getting this error.
I’ve already contacted support and they still say the same thing.

Error desc

Your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.

Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.
Regular linking limits were removed. This went into effect May 25th, 2022.
Please note, the linking limit setting is based on standard device habits. If you are seeing this error message, it may be due to irregular usage or an irregular number of devices.
There will be no further change to the status for this device.
Thank you for your understanding.
—Brave Team

So either, I have a solution here or I’m going to see with uphold to make me a new account to pass this limit and start the verification again.

@kitsumoe Show a screenshot. Plain and simple, it’s as they said, device limits were removed. If you’re using an authentic version of Brave, you shouldn’t be seeing anything that says you have reached any linking limits. Plain and simple, it’s been removed. This was always server side and not on the device.

As it tried to explain to you, the exception is if you’ve gone and linked an extraordinary amount, which likely means you’re abusing the system. They don’t announce the numbers, but it far surpasses what would be usual.

For example, how many devices/browsers have you linked to your Uphold?

Thank you for your answer and for the additional explanation.

For my part, I think I have linked many of the same two devices and I reached the limit because I forgot to unlink them each time.
Normally only two devices are linked at the same time. (Windows + Android)

I also noticed that if I combined the two devices, which I received as a reward in the month, I received more BAT than expected.

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I don’t know if the topic is still hidden…
But I need to know if there is a solution to the issue I have

@kitsumoe Sorry, missed your reply. Just a little tip, usually helps to tag people when respond. It’s why you see me do it all the time. Sometimes just hitting Reply won’t send notifications. Without notification, it’s easy to forget about topics and not revisit.

What I don’t understand is why you’d be getting that notice, as it was removed. As to unusual number, they’d be saying you’ve done like 14-20+ devices that you’ve linked all to the same Uphold, which they could deem suspicious, especially if combined with other factors.

But if you’re saying haven’t ever connected that many instances of Brave to Uphold (keep in mind, every time you uninstall/reinstall Brave it counts as a new device/connection) and honestly only been casually using Brave as it’s intended, it would be quite weird.

What I am going to ask is for you to provide the following information:

  • What version of Brave are you using on your devices?

  • What ticket number(s) do you have from when you contacted support in the past? (not sure if you did just one or if you tried multiple tickets).

@Saoiray It’s not your fault but mine but I thought the reply button was going to put it automatically like on other forums and when I wanted to do it in my old reply but when I wanted to delete it and make a new reply the bot that handles spam put my topic was hidden temporarily.

Firstly, I didn’t know that a limit existed, I thought that when the device didn’t receive any more ads in a certain period of time it would be deleted automatically or that there would be a management of devices that are linked like the sync function, which is not actually the case, so I don’t know how many devices I had checked indeed my number of device is suspicious when I contacted the support with two tickets (with ticket of answer for the first and another or I had seen on the forum that one could send a form) but unfortunately the limit to change therefore it is not possible any more and there is nothing more to do for the support in any case.

Here is the additional information you asked me for:
Brave Browser for Windows: 1.46.134
Brave Brower for Android: The same version of Windows

Ticket support numbers :
165306, 167259, 168362

@kitsumoe Okay, so you definitely contacted multiple times. The reason why I asked for the ticket numbers is I figured I’d tag in @SaltyBanana and @Evan123 just in case they could look into it in case any mistakes were made or if they expected any bugs.

However, it’s also possible that the original answer is the final status. If that’s the case, then you’ll not be able to connect anything to that Uphold account anymore. This would mean your only option will be to connect to Gemini, if you’re in the United States, or to wait until another custodial option arrives (of which one is in the works).

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