CBS Shows Not Playing In Brave

i have both chrome and brave and all the extentions are identical and their settings are identical. i went through and compared chromes settings to braves and brave is set the same. by right with the way i have things setup in brave the videos on cbs should be playing just like they do in chrome. help please cause i really like brave, enough so i made it the default browser. thanks

Hi @MrGrimm,
Thanks for reaching out.

It would be helpful if you can share your Brave version. And what error that you get when trying to play tge video? Also, did CBS Show require a DRM-plugin?


i’ve got it. for some reason ablock plus is blocking. when in chrome i have both ablock plus ublock on to block the ads and the video pays fine. no dmr plugin that i know of. must be something to do with your adblocker even though i have it off for cbs

Brave version 0.60.6 Chromium: 72.0.3626.28 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

i added some new information to my last post.

no one looking into this?

Can you try clearing browser data once and try again? It looks like the site is loading a cached version and running into the problem.

that is not what’s happening. if that were the case i would have the same issue in chrome. plus i have clear cache installed and use it every few minutes when i’m on line.

Chrome and Brave are both different in terms of how this works even though both use the same code base there are a lot of differences. Does the site require Widevine to play media? If so when you cleared browsing data and try to play again did it prompt to Install and run Widevine? Need to find the root cause so we have to do some basic trouble shooting.

no cbs is flash based. so no prompts to install widevine. i know it’s flash base from experience in windows of forgetting a couple of times to install flash, and being told i need to install it. as for for flash in linux i know it’s installed correctly cause the video plays fine in chrome. if i got a flash error message that would be one thing. as for there being differences between chrome and brave i was hinting at that in my one post. now to think of it in both chrome and brave for cbs i always use incognito mode with adblock plus and ublock origin allowed in incognito mode. yes i was getting at that we need to see where chrome and brave diverge causing the issue.

o.k. just launched cbs in incognite mode again, navagated to the show, clicked play, your adblocker is off, adplus is off, your autoplay blocker is off, the initial commercial plays but when it goes to play the episode it just sits there on cbs’;s video player witch a black screen. just the progress bar on the player clicked to play but video not progressing. sorry that’s the best description i can give short of recording the screen and posting a short video.

What Linux distribution are you using?

Nvm, can confirm this is an issue on my end as well.
Looks like you’re running into whatever we’ve got going on here:

mint cinnamon 19.1 64 bit

@Mattches what is that?

Its an issue filed on our Github (its where Brave logs all the problems, projects, projections, etc for our software), which details that for some reason, the most recent update to Release channel (0.58.18) is having a problem applying the proper Shield settings to some websites which causes the type of situation you’re encountering.

If you observe the images in that link, you’ll see that there are several sites that have been exhibiting undesirable behavior (like what you’re encountering) regardless of how the Settings are changed.

dude i know what github is, thanks

as for what i was asking what’s that possibly have to do with my issue? just wanted a little more detail.

Well when you ask “What is this?” in response to a github link, I thought maybe you were unfamiliar. I don’t think that’s too big of a leap to make :slight_smile:

As for how it relates to the problem you’re facing, as I said:

Let me know if this is unclear.

so in a nutshell this is a brave issue. so just sit back and wait for the devs to resolve it? works for me cause for now i can just use chrome for that. thanks

Yes, thats generally the case.
If you’d like, you can download our Beta version, where this issue doesn’t occur. The fact that it doesn’t appear in Beta signifies that this issue should probably be resolved in the next update for the Release version.

cool thanks very much, will do.


can’t speak for others but got the exact same thing.