Some video players don't work

So I’ve been using Brave browser for some time, everything works fine except playing videos on some webpages
I came across two cases so far:
First is Udemy, when I want to play video, after half a minute I get an alert:

We tried several times to play your video but there was an unforeseen error. We have notified our engineers.

To check your system configuration, please visit our [system check page](
For some devices, a basic codec pack may need to be added to view this content.
Please try again in a few minutes or download the lecture now.

And the other one is HBO:

Playback error occurred, please try again.

Hey bumoverflow,

Gonna need some more information from you, first.

  1. Is your version of Brave up-to-date?
  2. What OS are you on?
  3. Has this been happening since you installed the browser?

Thanks for reply

  1. Yes, browser is up to date
  2. Windows 10 64-bit
  3. Yes, the video didn’t work since the first launch.

One more thing is that YouTube works fine. Problem so far occurs only with Udemy and HBO

Can you go to brave://settings/extensions and enable Widevine? I can’t guarantee that it’ll fix Udemy, but it should fix the issue with HBO.

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i have the same issue, i believe it is widevine that is the issue - in that i am not receiving the prompt to allow installation of it. you can try with amazon video, netflix or other DRM video sites and its all the same.

i have the option enabled to allow widevine to prompt me, but it wont do it.

im on pop_os (ubuntu) 21.04 with [Version 1.15.76 Chromium: 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Thank you very much
Worked for HBO and for Udemy

Glad to know that it worked for you, @bumoverflow.

For you, kalsprite, can you make a new thread? I can’t guarantee I can fix this issue for you, but I’ll see what I can do.

@kalsprite Try upgrading to a newer version of Brave.

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