Hulu not playing


Just got the Brave update. Now, suddenly, Hulu is not playing at all. Runtime Error

Hi @Mo86,

You need to install Widevine first before using DRM-protected content. There should be a puzzle icon at URL bar, click that icon, then “Install and run Widevine”.

Hope that can help


Thanks, but that icon is not showing.


@Mo86, thanks for the info. Need to check it first.

For now, can you try this:

  • Visit
  • There you should see the puzzle icon
  • Install and Run Widevine
  • Try to access Hulu again.


Did that. Seemed like it worked for a moment. Played a few moments of video, then went back to Error 5005 network error.


Thanks for the info @Mo86,
Will check it and get back to you asap. :slightly_smiling_face:


Appreciated, thank you.


+1 from @oddstocktrader via Runtime Error

cc @Mattches @sriram for additional test.


Now I am trying to play a video on and it won’t play.

I can’t believe I am going to have to switch browsers again! Everything was fine until this latest update. Is there anyway to switch back to the old version? I love Brave, but I need to have video capability!


I can confirm that I’m having the same issue as well


I was going to say, “Oh, good!” I don’t mean I am glad you are having the same issue. But at least I am not the only one!


Can you try putting shields down to see if this solves your issue?



Hm, it seems to work with shields down. Is that safe to do, though?


Agreed. I do not like to do that either, a few other video services are no longer working within Brave currently.

Reddit embed videos used to run fine before the old update as well.