HBOGO and Showtime not playing videos


I’m not sure if you’ve been made aware of this but HBO GO and Showtime’s streaming services don’t work on Brave. When I first got an error issue from HBO I thought it was a technical issue on their end. Then I tried Showtime and got an error message saying I needed to use a more up to date browser. I’ve attached both error messages so you can view them. Both sites worked in Chrome that confirmed that Brave’s browser was the issue.

HBO and Showtime not working wasn’t much of an issue personally. I just went to Chrome and watched. But, I know Brave is trying to make the best browser they can. And being able to not have to leave Brave for reasons like that would be nice. Hope this helps.

I have the latest version of Brave I downloaded it 2 or 3 weeks ago. And I’ve been using the Chrome extension.






Hi @nocodeblocker I visited Showtime and was able to watch a video. The reason you are not able to do so is because Brave browser blocks scripts on a website by default therefore some sites won’t play videos except you disable the shield placed on the site. To play videos on HBOGO and Showtime or any website with similar content, you should click the Lion icon on the right side of the address bar to reveal the Shields drop-down panel and disable the shield to look like the attached image. Also, you should enable autoplay on the website (the notification will be displayed on the address bar just before the Lion icon).



I have the same issue with HBOGo and my shields are disabled. I’m getting a “plugin is not supported” message when attempting to play video on the HBOGo site.




Good write up, however:

This is actually not true - scripts are enabled by default as they break many websites given their common use.

The issue is likely Widevine related. Please follow the instructions here (anyone encountering this) and let me know if it resolves your issue:



Sorry for the late response. I appreciate the help and advice. I tried the shields but that didn’t work. I haven’t tried iznai’s method dealing with Widevine being the issue. Honestly, just not trying to do those steps of downloading and all that when I can just pop over to Chrome and watch HBOGO and Showtime. Maybe I’ll give the Widevine instructions a go in the future. Or, hopefully, Brave’s able to figure the issue out and I’ll be able to watch HBOGO and Showtime easily from the Brave browser. Again, thanks for the help.



That’s perfectly fine, but fwiw it would take about 5 seconds to install and run Widevine


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