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Have used Brave browser for a # of years,its just one site that is annoying,get error browser not right one whatever,cant watch video. I have to open up Chrome if I want to view it. I have the latest Brave ,I have installed and reinstalled,tried brave beta no difference. Did some google searches,found others with same problem,even,most said Brave simply wont work,different solutions offered,but no success. Error code 3001/6001

Anybody familiar with this 1.58.83 Brave Beta at moment,made no difference,same as the current reg brave

@dryloop I just went to the site and have absolutely no issues. Guess big question to ask is if you have Widevine enabled in Brave’s settings? I’m assuming not. You see, a lot of places that have content like football games, movies, TV shows, etc all have Digital Rights Management (DRM) in place which encrypts content and also has protections to make it harder for people to screenshot or record. For example, as I’m playing a video, if I go to screenshot, it shows an empty black box even though I’m staring at Herm Edwards (well, the picture they have of him) at 00:45 of the video at

So to access content on these websites, which would also include places like Netflix if you ever get it, you’ll need to turn on Widevine. You go to SettingsExtensions → turn on the toggle for Widevine…

Thanks so much for responding. I am using Samsung android phone, thats probably the problem,I did not make clear its android phone,my bad,I go to settings,I see no extensions or widevine

@dryloop ah, you’re right. There’s been issues on the Android app. It’s a work in progress. Not sure I can give you an ETA. They just assigned it to someone last month. Github request has been around since like 2021. Hopefully with assignment last month, we’re getting closer to seeing it handled. Anyway, link to that is below:

Thank you very much,appreciated

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