Browser does not allow to make a backup of the wallet

I want to make a backup of my wallet in order to switch to a new computer, but I cannot do it. As the Browser does not allow this. It says that the Backup is not needed. How to fix it?

If it helps, then I already have 4 computers connected to UPhold
perhaps I can somehow untie the browser from Uphold so that I can use it on a new computer.

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hu? this also happens to me, but i still have 1 space left for one more device. I talked with other user @justsomeone1 who uses same S.O (linux but both on different distributions), i see your same message while he don´t. I really don´t know why.

@Mattches or @eljuno you know why is this?

Thanks in advance

Hello @ambrocioisaias2808 and @Bananas12

i see both of you are connected to uphold maybe that the reason as i do not have one yet

not sure if that the reason or not

have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

I really don´t think that´s it. I installed zorin OS on a new partition on desktop computer and also installed Brave Stable, without connecting uphold (fresh start) and it displays same message.

@ambrocioisaias2808 thanks for that then maybe they forget to remove the option from the Fedora 28+, CentOS/RHEL 8+

as both your distro based on debian

i have live cd for fedora so i will try to boot with it and install brave and see what happened

thanks again and have a nice day

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@Bananas12 what O.S. are you using? also, you are in stable channel?

Hi all,
This is intentional as of the 1.12 release

Connecting to Uphold is the only way to backup the funds in your wallet. The current number of wallets you can link to Uphold is 4, each new wallet you add takes a spot and can not be replaced/deleted.
We understand this is an inconvenience, for those who want to add more than 4 wallets or replace old ones. I ask you all to be patinece and understating, we hear what you’re saying and we’re going to find a solution.


Hello @ambrocioisaias2808

the live fedora work fine same as your copy

so i tried to start new profile and i work that same as yours so it’s looks like there issue in my profile but i can not remove it as i do not have uphold

have a nice day

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