Backup rewards wallet without being connected to uphold

Allow us to view and backup our rewards wallets on our computers so we can restore them in case we have a catastrophe and need to reinstall either the browser or the entire OS. And please allow us to do so with or without being connected to uphold. I’ve lost BAT a couple times because Windows had some major issues and needed to be reinstalled. There used to be a long key or something similar you could backup. I still have that key from my main PC saved. Why was that taken away?

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there some good news on the road check this one

check the last sentence

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Thanks @justsomeone1
I am going to test this out on a spare PC to see if my BAT comes back.


So I thought the test was a success…at first! When I copied the contents of the default folder to my test PC and then started Brave, my 6.450 BAT showed for about 2 seconds and then it reset back to 0.
I just checked Brave on my main PC which was the browser that was stuck. It’s still stuck, but instead it’s now showing 1.165 BAT, So I’ve somehow lost around 5 BAT by doing that test. Very, very bizarre.

i told you to check the last sentence which say

@justsomeone1 I did see that, and that’s great that Brave is looking into other options, but I didn’t think my issue had anything to do with Uphold, seeing as the tokens were stuck in the Browser and I’m not getting any new ads.

the team did not said what they mean with other option

so to get more info

check those 2 links

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