Release Channel 1.12.112

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Notable fixes and additions

Full Release Notes

  • Added Sync v2. (#9989)
  • Added support for state level ads delivery. (#9200)
  • Added the ability to reset Brave Rewards. (#10064)
  • Added 25 BAT threshold before being able to verify Uphold two-way user wallet. (#9723)
  • Added the ability for users to disconnect a pending Uphold user wallet from Brave Rewards. (#10023)
  • Added the ability to import payment methods from Chrome. (#8329)
  • Added farbling for WebGL API when “Fingerprinting blocking” is set to “strict”. (#10214)
  • Added support for “$generichide” adblock rules under brave://adblock. (#8803)
  • Added the date of installation to the stats ping. (#10061)
  • Added “x-brave-api-key” to the stats ping. (#10230)
  • Enabled the “prefetch-privacy-changes” flag by default under brave://flags. (#8319)
  • Improved web compatibility by changing behavior of local and session storage in third-party frames to not throw an exception when storage is blocked. (#9758)
  • Updated pre-populated search engine list. (#10890)
  • Updated referrer policy to improve privacy and prevent web compatibility issues. (#8696)
  • Updated canvas maximum farbling to match balanced farbling. (#11067)
  • Updated token options for purchase on Binance widget when “.us” is selected. (#10209)
  • Updated the “Look & Feel” section under brave://settings/shields. (#10502)
  • Updated the labels on the “Learn more” view of shields. (#10671)
  • Updated the bookmarks bar on the New Tab Page to show even if there are no bookmarks when the “Always show bookmarks on New Tab page” setting is enabled under brave://settings/appearance. (#10450)
  • Updated the backup and restore modal text for Brave Rewards. (#10021)
  • Updated the close icon on the Brave Rewards notification which indicates that your wallet is unreachable. (#10378)
  • Reduced size and improved performance of the publisher list for Brave Rewards. (#9502)
  • Reduced the frequency at which promotions are fetched for rewards. (#9513)
  • Removed the “Remote Debugging” setting under brave://settings/privacy. (#9715)
  • Fixed crash with Canvas API in certain cases. (#10913)
  • Fixed crash with BraveSessionCache in certain cases. (#10914)
  • Fixed crash with Brave Ads when opening a new tab in certain cases. (#9393)
  • Fixed issue where “Bat Ledger Service” was running when Brave Rewards was not enabled. (#9526)
  • Fixed issue where “Bat Ads Service” was running when Brave Ads were not enabled. (#9196)
  • Fixed issue where auto-contribute wouldn’t process if contributions were to be made to more than four verified creators. (#10834)
  • Fixed state level ads being shown on versions without support for state level ads delivery. (#10557)
  • Fixed wallet summary display on brave://rewards to better accommodate three decimal places. (#10446)
  • Fixed ads state being removed when Brave Ads are disabled. (#10097)
  • Fixed “Estimated pending rewards” not being refreshed after claiming an ad grant. (#10094)
  • Fixed web compatibility issue with on Windows. (#10367)
  • Fixed Firebase authentication not working with default shield settings. (#9852)
  • Fixed issue where Gmail image signatures were not loading. (#10478)
  • Fixed display issue where URL bar background color did not change in private mode when dark theme was enabled. (#9945)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 84.0.4147.125. (#11153)