I cant create new uphold wallet

How can I delete a past wallet as I have used all 4, would I have to create a new uphold account?

I would rather poke at Brave to change the way it works now. Because even if you would link a new uphold account. eventually you would hit the 4 devices again. Which isnt really a solution in my eyes.

There is no way to delete old wallets. Your only option would be to switch to Gemini, unless that is not supported in your region. I do not believe you can make a new Uphold account as they have all your IDs and information, but this I am not sure of. Note, Gemini also has a 4 device limit as well.

I’m a Linux user who wants to be able to Distro/Desktop Environment hop at my discretion. Not being able to unlink old browsers is a HUGE oversight. Especially when I completely lose access to that old browser’s internal information when I move to a new setup. Can this enhancement (imo, bug) get moved up in the roadmap please? I would trade any new feature for the ability to unlink old browsers if it means I can continue linking Brave Rewards to my existing Uphold account.

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Not being able to delete old wallets is the real problem here. This just needs to function like the sync chain to be successful. Browsers will come and go, but limit it to 4 at a time if they really need to. But to not delete old wallets? C’mon. It can’t be that hard…

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