Cannot Verify Wallet with Uphold

I cannot get Brave to “Verify” my wallet through my Upload account. This started happening about a month ago, and there is nothing I can do to get it to work. Sometimes it says “Device Limit Reached.” But I have up to 4 devices, and I use brave on my Windows PC, my Manjaro PC, and my Samsung GS10+

Any idea?

Right now there’s apparently no way to unlink old devices. I’m a Linux user who wants to be able to Distro/Desktop Environment hop at my discretion. Not being able to unlink old browsers is a HUGE oversight. Especially when I completely lose access to that old browser’s internal information when I move to a new setup. Can this enhancement (imo, bug) get moved up in the roadmap please? I would trade any new feature for the ability to unlink old browsers if it means I can continue linking Brave Rewards to my existing Uphold account.

Thanks for the heads up.

Any idea when they are going to fix this? All I can do at this point, is not restore a backup, or anything. Any BAT that is NOT in my Uphold account just gets lost. And that’s seriously a problem.

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