New Update: No Browser Backup Feature?

Hi support team, @steeven @Mattches
I have a concern guys,

Browsers can not be backed up from today?
What if my computer die, the browser is gone then how can I restore the old browser/wallet/balance?
This is very weird.
Thank you and looking forward to your response.

Hi @Milktea,
This is intentional as of the 1.12 update

You’ll have to connect your wallet with Uphold to backup your account.

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Hi Aaron, I am still confused on how this new backup works, can you be more specific.

After I connected my browser to my verified Uphold account, I still can not see the backup key.
Which means there is no more backup key from now isnt it?
Then in case I uninstall the browser, how do I get back my wallet?
Thank you bro

If you uninstall, reformat, etc your PC, if your wallet is verified w/Uphold then all you need to do is re-download the browser, go back to Verify wallet in the Reward panel and authenticate into the Uphold account you used to verify your original wallet.

Then, your wallet will be linked to Uphold again and your old wallet/balance should be retained.


Hi Mattches, so as far as I understand, now 1 uphold can only be linked with one browser?

In case I have 3 browsers linked with my uphold account then how do I choose which browser to restore?
Thank you.

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You may link a maximum of four browser instances to 1 Uphold account. So link all 3 browsers to the same Uphold account and you should be good. To confirm, none of your browser wallets, at this time, are verified, correct?

Hello @Mattches , in the future will it be possible to link more than 4 devices?

Dear Mattches,
Thank you for the answer but I am still confused
For example, I have 3 browsers
All browsers are linked to my Uphold account.

Lets say I uninstall browser 2, now to get back, I install a new browser 4, how could I tell Uphold that I need it to restore back the browser 2. Uphold could think I want to connect a new browser! But actually I want to restore my old browser.
I think the old way of backing up/restoring is much clearer to me.

I dont understand what you mean by that.
I have connected all 3 browsers to my Verified Uphold account.

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