Brave Wont show My Passwords, and Logged me out of all websites

**Description of the issue: Brave Won’t show me My passwords, Even though they exist in the Login Data File… you can see more of what I did InThis Post **

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.38.119 Chromium: 101.0.4951.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information: Please Read The Post Linked so You know what I did, I found out that You see If The Passwords where deleted by going to the “Login Data” file…



Because from what I read you deleted no file in Appdata/Brave browser, I suggest you attempt the following experinece.

  1. Install Firefox
  2. Try Importing bookmarks, passwords and history from Brave to firefox.

Hopefully Firefox will read your passwords and we can later export them back to Brave as CSV file.


Firefox did import history… but not the passwords



The file login data is encrypted, but you can decrypt it using a freeware at

SEE IMAGE HOW TO SEE PASSWORDS (if they are still there). What is the size of login data file?

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I saw Them already but didn’t know how to decrypt them…, Imma try this and tell you

Did Not work… The Passward field is empty… Do I need to modify it before putting it in the software ??


No need to modify it, unless corrupt.
What’s the size of login data and Login Data For Account files?

Login Data: 574kb
Login Data for acc: 84kb
Is this important ??

Just to check if they are big or very small files.
They are quite big files and they must contain some passwords. Why we cannot extract passwords from them I presume they are may be corrupt or gone for some strange reason.

Leave the post open for others to contribute.

As You Can See The Passwords are here (This file is a copy of the original file in Brave Folder Cause I didn’t wanna mess with it and change its extension to [.sqlite]) 200+ Password, I need them, Well I do remember some… but stilll I need them

Do You Happen To know the Format of the CSV file that brave exports ?? Cause I can export the database from the App But There are options for the format and how words are put and stuff


@HorrorBest The format for CSV file for Brave passwords is


You can use notepad or MS EXCEL to save them, if you can copy them.

about the password, how will I copy it, like it is encrypted ??
EDIT: NVM this wont work the password is a blob UGHGHGHH

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What app are you using in your image above?


  1. saving it in any format accepted by excel
  2. copying it by clicking the left top corner of the sheet or highlighting the columns, then pasting to excel

PS. To export sqlite data to excel, it is explained in this video

DB Browser For SQLite

It will export the whole table though… I only need those columns, and the password Is Gonna be empty 4sure
Also I dont have excel, I use “Libre Office” well I have a csv editor but can delete columns

In Chromepass, you may need to fill also the fields where your windows installation is (I think it may be because of user account password), and your Windows login password/PIN. This happened to me 3 times and it worked in 2 of them. The only one where it didn’t work was when I altered something in Brave, like a new profile etc, and the file “local state” wasn’t linked to the passwords anymore – you need this file to decrypt them, and Chromepass has a dedicated input filed for that file too.
Try to fill all those input entries, and if everything is right, You’ll get your passwords. One time I even got mine from a previous windows installation that I have preserved (“windows path” in Chromepass), and it worked

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