I really Need Help With My Passwords PLEASE

So hey guys, here is the Story, I deleted some folders from the Appdata cause I deleted the Apps, somehow my browser “Brave” Stopped showing me my saved Passwords (I didn’t touch the Brave browser folder), I went and dug up a little and found that the “Login Data” file have the password and Because I thought They were deleted or smth. It turned out that the passwords are still there but they are not showing (they are encrypted and showing as BLOB in “DB Browser for SQLite”) So I thought I might Be able to decode them… I searched a little more in the forms and found the way Brave stores passwords (I’m not sure, but all my passwords start with 76 31 30 as highlighted in the image below) , Here is the image I found I’m 100% Sure this Image is from a Stack**** form somewhere but I can find the Source but I got this image from This Brave from:

Image Link

I Couldn’t find a decrypt software/script for this. If You Have any other software I could try Please Recommend it and Thank You :slight_smile:

I Tried all the Programs mentioned in This Form if you don’t want to visit it, here they are:

  • Chromepass.
  • DPAPI DataProtectionDecryptor.
  • Hack Browser Data.
  • Web-browser Passview.

I also Tried to export the passwords to Firefox and still failed

NOTE: I also Got Logged Out of All Websites, and only the passwords where deleted. History, Benchmarks,… are untouched


You need the security credentials (keychain, keyring, digital certificate(s)) that correspond with your encrypted items that are within your ‘Login Data’ file.

THE BraveSoftware folder to back up, is at:


and from your writing, it sounds like that is the folder that you backed up.

Yet, without your previously taking steps to preserve your Username -and- Password combinations, in a password manager / password wallet that is OUTSIDE of an Internet browser’s installation paths . . . such as using, for example:

  • 1Password
  • BitWarden
  • KeePass
  • LastPass

. . . then you will - if you ‘absolutely must retrieve the passwords’ - probably submit your ‘Login Data’ file to somebody who has the skill to decrypt. Somebody whom you believe, you can trust.

If that somebody is here at the Brave Community, you might stumble upon them:


Good hunting.

I still have the folder and I didn’t touch it or delete anything from it, well I Copied Login Data and renamed it to “Login Data.sqlite” so “DB Browser for SQlite” can read the file… Also I Don’t have a password manager, well I did Make one that have some of my passwords but not tall of them, I always wanted to put them somewhere so If Something happens I Have them, BUT LOOKS LIKE The Problem Beaten me to it XD

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