How to retrieve passwords from Login Data or decrypt them?

Description of the issue:
I cannot see any of my Brave logins and passwords in the browser, they’re not showing up.

I have my Login Data file, but when I copy and paste it into the appropriate folder in the Brave Default folder, it does not load my passwords.
(unfortunately, I never saved my passwords in a .csv file)

I tried the following decryption software:
Chrome Pass
WebBrowser Pass
DPAPI DataProtectionDecryptor
Brave Password Decryptor 2.0

NONE of the programs were able to show me the passwords, but they all showed me the screen names… please help!

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Expected result:
To be able to see my passwords.

Reproduces how often:

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows 11, most recent Brave version

Additional Information:

@236fe4e6280f4453eaf4 Brave doesn’t share the program in order to bypass decryption. It’s a safety measure so if anyone ever copied files over or some third party cloned the folder, they’d not be able to access your information.

Encryption is done on a local level using your OS credentials and all. So if you aren’t using it on the same exact device and credentials, you’ll not be able to access the passwords.

You would have needed to have your passwords synced with another device so you could then sync it to your other devices or you would have needed to do an Export Passwords if you wanted to be able to have it imported at a later date.

I figured it out myself. If XenArmor Password Recovery didn’t work for you, here’s a tutorial for anyone who ever needs it. What I had to do was decrypt it using command.exe. When typing the prompts below in command, make sure to include the spaces or it will say cannot find the path specified.

  1. Download Python ( During installation, check the box “add Python.eye to PATH”. Python automatically comes with pip installed which is needed to retrieve passwords. Select ‘Customize Installation’ to make sure that pip is checked when installing.

  2. Copy a file called ‘Local State’ from your Brave folder (C:\Users[YOUR COMPUTER NAME]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data) and paste it into a newly created set of folders. You will create the following folders “Google\Chrome\User Data” and put those folders inside the Local folder "C:\Users[YOUR COMPUTER NAME]\AppData\Local"

(if there’s already a Google folder there, create a Chrome folder within that and a User Data folder within that. If you already have all the folders, paste the Local State file in there, or if there’s already a Local State file there, copy and save it in another location, then delete it and put the Brave Local State file there until you retrieve the passwords and then put the google one back so you don’t lose your google chrome data if you still use that browser)

Now, paste the ‘Local State’ file you got from brave into your newly created User Data folder.

Now create another folder “Default” and put it in the folder after “User Data” (C:\Users[YOUR COMPUTER NAME]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default).

Copy the file called ‘Login Data’ from your Brave folder (C:\Users[YOUR COMPUTER NAME]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default) and paste that file into the newly created Default folder .

  1. Open command.exe, type without the quotes: “python --version” and hit enter to confirm it is installed (it will show the version you have). If you don’t know how to open command.exe, do a quick Google or Youtube search for a tutorial.

  2. The type “py -m pip --version” and hit enter to confirm it is installed (it will show the version you have)

  3. Now, download “” from Github here ( To download it, click the symbol that has a downward arrow pointing into a half square and save it to your desktop (must be saved to your desktop, but if you put it somewhere else, make sure to fix what you type in command later).

  4. In command.exe. Type "cd .\desktop" and hit enter (this tells command where the “” file is)

  5. Now type “pip install pypiwin32” and hit enter (this tells pip to install something necessary for this process)

  6. Now type “pip install pycryptodomex” and hit enter (this tells pip to install something necessary for this process)

  7. Now type “py .\”

  8. All of your passwords will load up instantly in command. You can copy and paste it into a notepad or word file, but it automatically downloads an excel file with all the screen names and passwords onto your desktop titled “decrypted_password”


If you do all this and still retrieve no passwords at all, you have to use data recovery software to get access to an old ‘Local State’ & ‘Login Data’ file, especially if you’re trying to get passwords after a computer crash or after being forced to reset the computer (but you selected to keep the data and not wipe the computer. If you wiped the computer, data recovery software would not work, but I’ve heard there is still a way to get the data through accessing the RAM but that is out of my scope of expertise). As long as you did not wipe the computer, you can recover the passwords. I recommend iCare Data Recovery, File Scavenger, or Handy Recovery 5.5. After you download any of those, you’d complete a scan and then find the ‘Local State’ & ‘Login Data’ file from a date before the crash/computer reset in the folders along the same path.

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I had the same issue with my passwords and account logins. I did all the python stuff and it showed me all the accounts and websites related to the lost passwords, but this message popped out:
‘utf-8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xf6 in position 1: invalid start byte
[ERR] Unable to decrypt, Chrome version <80 not supported. Please check.
Sequence: 192
It shows almost 200 of these, and was only able retrieve me 1 password.
Hope you can help:)

@Tomm08 there is no way to decrypt it. This worked for other person because they were on the same User account and everything. Again, Brave isn’t going to make it so simple for people to get to our passwords.

That increased security can backfire on us if we’re not properly doing backups or whatever, but that’s part of the difference between privacy & security vs convenience. Brave is privacy first.

That’s my exact same problem, look:
I was working this morning on my personal laptop (Nobody else uses it), which has only my User, and it ran out of battery. After I plugged it and turned it on, I opened Brave and all my logins and passwords were gone. My history, rewards, markers and everything still there except for those two things. I looked for the Login Data file, and my accounts and websites are attached to my passwords but they’re encrypted, so I did all the Python code and could only retrieve 1 password of almost 200. So I know they’re there, but I need an useful way to decrypt them.

@Tomm08 do a favor and provide some details on your OS and Brave, such as which versions you’re using. Also I want you to confirm whether you changed anything regarding your OS user account. If you changed your username or password, then that could have changed the keychain and would result in what you’re sharing.

But beyond that, pretty much to a point where I’d have to get Support to answer more. What I can tell you is there’s nothing they can provide for decryption. The only thing they can try to do is figure out what you might have had happen to cause issues and help repair it.

Absolutely. I use Windows 10 21H2 version. And Brave 1.58.127 version with Chromium 117.0.5938.88.
Also, I haven’t changed anything in my OS or in Brave.
Hope that helps:)

I’ll tag in @Mattches and @steeven in hopes one or both of them can try to offer any suggestions., Just keep in mind it’s Sunday and they aren’t usually active on the weekend. Sorry I’m not much of a help on this, but I am not much when it comes to messing with these kinds of things. I just pretty much try to get info out for people and then tag in the appropriate support.

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The same thing happened to me.

I’ve my brave browser up to date, my login data file with all my passwords, but brave doesn’t show me any.

I know that Brave doesn’t give an answer that fix this because I’ve seen this asked a hundred times and it never got fixed. So I’m only replying this so the topic don’t get closed. I know that it was sunday 25 days ago, but maybe @Mattches and @steeven can come up with something anyway

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