Password got deleted and Ive never used the sync

Hi, today Ive opened Brave and ive found myself logged out on everything. So I went on the Brave Pass. Manager and there wasnt any pass saved. The only thing i could have done was “Import passwords” bc the Export one was locked since there wasnt any pass. So I went on the data directory and there were all the files with the data, 3 called like this: Login Data, Login Data_private (im not sure about the private but it was something with the P), and one called Login Data_journal (not sure about this neither). Anyway, ive copied on the Desktop the file called Login Data and opened it with Notepad++ and ive seen there were all the links of my saved pass plus other encrypted texts, so ig it was the right file. Ive tried renaming it .cvs or .backup as ive found on Google and tried to add those files but it didnt work out, so ive checked if there was a Brave’s update and there was. After the update all my Login Data files disappeared :smile: , luckly i still have the one on the Desktop and im begging for help

Idk how did this happened

My Brave version is the 1.49.128 Chromium: 111.0.5563.110 (Official Build) (64-bit), but idk which was the previous one

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