Brave v1.61.104, youtube ads aren't blocked and players on websites don't work with brave (aniwatch/9anime)

Brave hasn’t been blocking any ads on youtube of all types, similarly to YouTube Ads not getting blocked by Shields (Desktop/Mobile) aswell as (only the desktop version) on many websites like “” and “9anime”. It says “Brave browser does not support our player” like Brave does not support aniwatch's player both of these are the same weather or not I have shields up or not, agressive blocking brings the same result
Expected result:
for ads on youtube to cease existance to forsaken the youtube corp.
for players to work on brave
Brave Version( check About Brave):
brave v1.61.104
Additional Information:
I’ve used brave for almost 3 years and I don’t think I could ever switch to a new browser and so when this problemed arised I thought that it was another bug needing to be fixed so I patiently waited for about a week in which nothing has changed. I really don’t wanna go searching for a new browser because I’m fond of this one (and I don’t wanna transfer all my stuff)

Please read through YouTube Aggregated issue (Merged Topic) and make sure you verify that you’re set. Again, might mean clearing cookies. But definitely make sure you’re limiting extensions and have components updated

Trash websites. First off, 9anime rebranded to aniwave, but if you look at their videos a lot of them have the anix watermark on it on the bottom right. They are just rehosting videos from elsewhere and trying to plug in a lot of ads and all. I say this as someone who used nothing but 9anime for years.

That said, I just visited and there was not a single ad as I navigated the site or played videos. So if you’re having issues, might circle back around to your settings, extensions, and making sure things are updated.

In any case, I do recommend you switch over to for your anime needs at this time.

Making sure the ad-block updater component is fully updated might fix both issues (brave://components).

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