Ads on youtube ocurring

I am not sure if this is the right place but I am now constantly getting ads on Youtube.
Its now nearly every Video I watch. I am using the latest version of Brave on my Windows desktop. Brave shields are not working. I have tried clearing the cashe but that does not work. I am wondering if older versions of the Brave browser block youtube ads better ? this version is not.
Has something changed in the past couple of weeks ?
Is this a known issue ? I did not get a single ad before a couple of weeks ago.
At this rate Brace browser is becoming worthless to me and will be forced to start using other browsers with Adblock.

I’ve the same problem since 2 days. Like you i’ll change browser until they solve this issue

Long story short; adverts and cookie notices have been an issue and there have been loads of threads about it.

This was not a problem exclusive to Brave. But peoples problems have varied slightly, adblockers and filter lists have been fixing it more quickly than others. For example, on desktop, uBlock Origin solved my issues a week ago on FF and Edge,. You’re not alone in being reluctant to install an adlocker on Brave, many people feel that way. Braves fix, I read, is coming at some point this week. How effective it will be, we’ll find out when it arrives. Whether this will extent to mobile, I dont know.

Lets face it, Brave as a list of issues as long as your arm, and they arent particularly quick at fixing any of it. Will Brave ever reach a point where core functionality just works without hassle I dont know, im starting to doubt it. But they are trying, and I am not disrespecting peoples hard work, I am just saying how I feel after using it, and I keep an eye on the development of the browser. It cant be my daily browser though, there are too many issues.

With regard to adverts, I think Brave users would benefit from more functionality and customisation. They could utilise the work from a wider community by adding their own filter lists, which they know are uptodate, have fixed the issue, without having to mess about with CSS; and have more control etc. At the moment, it feels like users are at the mercy of someone waiting on someone, whos waiting on someone, whos waiting on someone, who all wait to see if their work has fixed the problem. Element blocker is poor, CSS is not particularly intuitive, default filter lists are limited (all of which are useless for me). I think the build in adblock in Brave, can be improved… but… the list of things to improve is endless at the moment it seems.

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Same here. But it appears that this occurs only when using Windows. As for Mac, the Ad-Blocking works fine.

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Can you re-test in the latest Brave release? Version 1.10.97

Thanks, yes it seems it will be a long while for a fix. I will go back to Moz as bad as that is, its adblock sort of works.

+1, same is happening to me for the past few days. Also been using version 1.10.97 for Windows 10.

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