Brave synch broken between my 2 laptops

Hi all, i have difficulties to maintain synch between my 2 laptops.

although they belong to the same synch chain, both share the same synch code, both have synch everything enabled, when i add a bookmark on laptop A, it doesn’t appear on laptop B (and vice versa) Although i have the 2 laptops open at the same time. Lastly Under the device list , they list only themselves - although i tried to leave and rejoin synch chain, it didnt help.

Some other notes:

  • Both of them run same Version 1.34.81 Chromium: 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Laptop A runs Kubuntu and laptop B windows 11
  • Both laptops are open and running simultaneously.

I just wanted to confirm that I have the same issue between two Linux computers (ubuntu and manjaro, which different brave versions) and a Windows computer. Even though I chose to sync everything, nothing seems to sync at all.

@Noiberdo Are you still having issues? If so, can you walk me through it? Are you saying you have both devices with nothing synced at first. Close the page and reopen after deleting sync and making sure both show nothing there except the option to Start New Sync Chain or I have a sync code. One Device #1, you select Start New Sync Chain. Then on that same device, you choose Add New Device and it shows you the Sync Code. After which, you go to the second device and choose I have a sync code and then enter the code provided by the first device?

I’m asking you and one other same thing for clarification. I’ve had someone share similarly in the past but what they had done was paste in the old code from when they had removed devices. It created a little glitch or w/e. So want to make sure they are starting from nothing or whatever.

Second thing, you don’t have the same name for the devices? And your Brave browser was fresh installs on each device…you never copy/paste (moved) your Brave Folder or info from it into the other manually? If you did, then it would be seeing them as the same and having issue.

@Noiberdo , @lgatto ,

Still having issues?