How to sync bookmarks across devices?

Hello everyone! I am new to Brave browser. I have successfully created a sync chain consisting of my laptop and my android. But I’m facing a problem that whenever i am required to sync any new item from my one device to another, how do I do that? Brave on my android device asks me to enter the synced code (which then creates a new android device in the chain in addition to the older one) or else start a new sync chain altogether. Please help me !

@Tanay Thanks for reaching out! Apologies, from the post what I understood is you have established sync successfully between Laptop and Android. when you are tring to add new device (3rd device) to sync chain, you are facing the issue? correct me if I’m wrong.

Could you please elaborate what issue you are facing when trying to add 3rd device to sync chain? or else please provide the steps to reproduce the issue.


Yeah I’ve successfully set up sync chain between my phone and laptop.
When I’m bookmarking an item on one device it is not appeaing on another device.
Phone is asking to set up a ‘new’ sync chain, every time a new item is bookmarked and desired to appear across another devices (on existing sync chain.)

@Tanay Thanks for the information. Could you please provide the Brave version details which you have installed on Desktop and Android. I can try it out from my end.


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