I got a laptop stolen and now I cannot remove that device from the Sync chain

I need to remove a device that appears on my Sync devices list, which was stolen and the trashcan icon is not present to remove it.

I saw A LOT of posts regarding this that came to a dead end with no successfull answer from anybody.

Could you guys help me?

Thanks in advance

@gironth ,

Are you able to Disable and delete the ingredients / pieces of your “Sync devices list” . . . and then create a new “Sync devices list” from scratch?

As a precaution, I suggest, that you create backups of your BraveSoftware folder . . . and place those backups on an attached, external drive.

BraveSoftware folder location on Windows OS:


BraveSoftware folder location on Linux OS:


Re the Trash Can icon - probably the Sync chain has to be unbroken, for that “switch” to work. And that would be a reason, to create a whole new Sync chain with the gear that you still have.

Tip, you might be able to disable a Sync chain via brave://sync-internals

@Chocoholic might have some tips.

Also, see:

No additional tips here… I agree with you…

I would just leave the current Sync Chain on the devices I still control and create a new one.

I would be concerned if you were syncing everything on your lost device. You may want to consider what personal data might be compromised and take steps to protect potential vulnerabilities if you haven’t already, especially if your lost device didn’t have any lock features enabled.

Is the trashcan icon available for all the other devices synced? I think the trashcan icon should be available on all devices synced. According Brave GitHub issue report when implemented:

If you have installed the brave version which is below the self delete version 1.18.19 then the trash icon will not be shown, which is expected. Please install brave version which is higher than 1.18.19 in all the devices in a sync chain, you should be able to see the trash icon in all the devices in the sync chain, if you are not seeing the trash icon then it’s a bug.
Source: Implement ability to remove other devices in chain for sync v2

I do not know if this information is still valid. Tagging @Mattches to take a look. Maybe it is a regression? Or is this normal and occurs in some instances?

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Didn’t worked here. When I try to reconnect with Uphold it keeps saying to me the same thing, either with new chains.

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And? What about my issue?

@fredfontes your issue is not even similar to the OP’s. You need to open your own topic and provide more information as @289wk suggested. As it stands, I have no idea what you are saying in you post #4 above or what removing a device from the sync chain has to do with Uphold.

It says the same message about the limit of devices

I’m looking into the trash can icon issue presently. That said, does the solution @289wk and @Chocoholic suggested not work for you?

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The trashcan is not displayed if the browser version is less than v1.18.19 which is very old. Prior to this version browser does not support self-delete, so there is no trashcan icon next to such devices.

In your case I doubt you had such old version, but I don’t understand why happens. You can check it at brave://sync-internals/ => Sync Node Browser tab => Device info => choose your device => check MTIME field, it corresponds to the last time when the device was active, and chrome_version field to check the version. This may help to understand why there is no trashcan button.

You can send in DM to me or @Mattches the screenshot of the brave://sync-internals/ page, then we will delete the data from the server, so the theft will not be able to access your data.

Right now we are working on providing ability to wipe the sync data without involving our support team: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/22884 .

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How to send the info via a Direct Message (“DM”) to @Mattches or to @Alexey:

Click on either of their icons, that you see in a reply of theirs. And then click on the Message button - looks like: