I created a sync chain between my laptop and pc twice but nothing gets synced between them, not the history, nor the bookmarks nd stuff

From yesterday itself i have been trying to sync both my devices but nothing works.
Can someone please help ?

Did you see both devices listed on the sync page? Did you have the latest version on both devices? Have you tried with “Sync everything” then restart the browser?

Yes both the devices are listed on the sync page.
Both devices have the latest version.
Already tried sync everything and re-start the browsers on both.

Can you please try the following potential fix found on our Sync FAQ:

Just checked this option too.
It was already on

And you have all the desired data type selected to be synced?

If so, can you please go to brave://sync-internals and send a screenshot of this page?

Yes all the desired data is set to be on.
Attaching the screenshot.

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Thank you for the information – please allow me some time to discuss with our Sync team. I’ll reply here when I have more information. Can you also tell me what OS and Brave version you’re using presently?

OS :- Windows 10 home, Version 21H1
Brave version :- 1.26.74
Chromium :- 91.0.4472.124

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So I think I assumed that at least one of these devices was an Android device, but re-reading I see that you mentioned syncing between your PC and laptop. Can you confirm what device’s you’re trying to sync?

I am trying to sync my laptop with the same OS version as mentioned earlier
And Android device running Android 10 with brave browser version 1.26.74

I see, thank you for confirming.
So for next steps, can you please try removing all devices from the chain? I think in these situations it’s best to start fresh. So remove all devices from the chain then try and add just the PC and laptop to the same chain and check to see if that works before attempting to add the Android device to the chain.

Let me know what happens with the two desktop devices and we can go from there.

I have been trying to connect android device to my laptop, both the version of brave browser i have already mentioned before.

You misunderstood it,its just the laptop nd android device i am trying.
Just 2 devices.

I hope its clear.

Okay got it – my bad. Thank you for the clarification.
Okay so in that case, can you please also send a screenshot from your Android device of the Sync-internals page?
Apologies again for the confusion.

No worries.
Attaching both the screenshot from the sync settings on the android device.

Sorry for the confusion again – I should have been more clear. Can you send a screenshot of the brave://sync-internals page on your Android device?

Okay here you go


Thank you so much. Taking a look.

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Any update with the issue ?

Apologies for the late reply – still catching up with the weekend backlog. Let me ping the Sync team again and see if they have any updates.

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