Cannot find "Enter a sync chain code" on Desktop

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I’m trying to sync two browsers - both macs - and cannot find the prompt to enter the “enter a sync chain code”… Am I blind? Did it go away? I can’t find it…

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I’m going to Menu - Settings - Sync

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Every time

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Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:

Additional Information:

There are issues with Sync with macs. Brave development is aware and working on them. Here is an ongoing topic (lengthy) that may help.

I just wanted to address a known issue first so that you are aware that you may experience other problems using Sync on mac OS. Are you following the instructions provided in the Brave Help Center? If not, here is a link:

How do I set up Sync?

@Chocoholic Sync issue is only on iOS. All others been fine overall. And the issue with iOS has been that people can sync but then it drops. Also when it does sync, it doesn’t always sync right, like my iPhone can’t see what my Windows has accessed but my Windows was able to see everything my iPhone did (or something like that, curious if I’m reversing it but w/e).

@bartolah I think it should still be working directly with your Mac. So when you go to Sync, what options are you seeing? I mean, could it be part of a sync chain that you started on accident? If it’s not part of one, then it should show nothing there and just give the option to Create Sync or something like Join Existing (I forget terminology).

But if you can screenshot the page, it might help.


“Sync issue is only on iOS.”

Reminder . . . there other cases.

In addition to the OP issue / topic, there are Sync issues between computers; examples:

Sync Issues between 2 laptops

Brave synch broken between my 2 laptops

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@289wk I’ll have to walk them (threads you linked) through it. It just sounds like they’re doing the wrong settings but maybe not. What I was more or less referencing though was the link that you shared regarding iOS. I’m one of them that had an issue but it kinda resolved after I updated my iPhone to 15.3. When I was reading what a lot of people said in that thread they were talking about just having issues with communication the iPhone or iPad. I did not see where anyone had an issue with Mac communicating with the Mac, Mac and PC, or any of those. (I’m not saying it wasn’t there, just said I don’t remember it being much of a conversation in comparison)

I guess this is an example of why I tend to put longer comments in extreme detail, as otherwise my meaning sometimes gets lost in transition. Sorry about that. As for this one here, we’re going to have to wait and see if they resolve based on what’s been said, if screenshot helps us figure it out, or if it is going to be something else.


Don’t be sorry. You are OK, and you show up. Thank you for that.


Hi folks, not sure if my message was clear or if there’s confusion.

This issue is related to the Mac OS Brave clients (although I may have tried to sync with my Brave iOS client at one point).

Here’s the interface where there is no “Enter a sync chain code” option…

@bartolah There’s not a Enter a sync chain option because it’s already part of a sync chain. So if the other device is also on one, then you need to scroll down and Leave Sync chain on one of them that way the option to Create sync chain or I have a sync code will appear, which then lets you connect it to the other device, so long as you use the sync code provided by the other device.,

YES! Thank you. That was the issue.

There is a UX issue here - where even when you’re not in a sync chain - it shows you as being in one.