Brave rewards earning this month decreased from my rewards suddenly from 4 to 2.8 bat

hey i had like 4 bat earnigs this month, but suddenly today it decreased to 2.8 bat. my contributions are off so please help where did it go?

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Same issue. over 50% of pending earnings were wiped overnight.

I think its because you have claimed 1.2 BAT of the april month and it didn’t got deducted so…it got deducted now

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Your advertisings here only helps that the threads run into the void, which is not at all purposeful! If you are more satisfied with your browser than with Brave, then change but please don’t spam around with it here.

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Just flag his posts as Spam. He’s been just spamming this link for days now on every thread.

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Lol, what a cry baby you are, calling everyone as your “hater” who points out that you are just spamming this great community only :joy:
When multiple people and even a community ninja earmarks your post as spam then you should realize and stop spamming altogether
Thanks for the welcome btw :slightly_smiling_face:


@rohanbalgotra: Kartiksethi is right and you can call us grumpy old men or hater or whatever you want but please stop spamming the same advertise on and on in several threads. Use your incomparable, superior and marvellous superbrowser and don’t keep bugging us about it!

So, and now back 2 topic:

@priyansh3102: Please give us some more information about your setup:

Which version of Brave do you use?
On which device do you have this problem?
Which OS version does this device use?

bro @rohanbalgotra & @kartiksethi im not really spamming, I dm many ppl with a solution of their questions and just giving that browser as an alternative. out of 20 ppl i share with 12-14 ppl are actually thanking me. So, i dont really mind haters.

And I don’t like spamming a suggestions either, I’m just doing it since my problems are not been solved from a month now even after providing every details they asked. I dont hate brave, i just believed in them but nth seems to be working…last time when i got a reply from them i was kinda happy adn when i noticed they asking me same details to send them which i did already they asked last time lol. But its fine i didnt said anything about it and sent them but stilll no fix its been a week now.

So, I’m just giving those ppl a alternative who are in kind of same problems and interested in having crypto cuz i dont want them to struggle like me who ask them everyday about how long its gonna take it to fix and lose hope eventuallly…thats it

Take a look at this thread:

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