Half of my Brave Rewards are missing!

I was going to get 2 BAT on Brave Desktop and 1 BAT on Brave Mobile but today half of the funds on both are missing!! where did they go?? what scam is this??


@Saoiray can you please look into this also?

yeah man same thing with me also half of mu est. earning are showing in march?? what the hell??

btw how in the world did you manage to get over 50 BATS?? I barely got 2BATS!!

yeah, that’s really a sus. I barely had 1 BAT this month.
He could be cheating the system so it seems. but IDK exactly.

well you can double it if you enable “Show Sponsored Images” on New Tab page and just open a bunch of new tabs once in a while… it adds 4 times for every 1 hour but there is a limitation on how much you can earn daily

Wow! I did not know this. Thank you! I’ve always been hovering around 2 BAT per month. Can’t wait to see what I get in March now.

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