Issue with brave rewards. Some of the earnings were passed onto the next month

I had collected around 3 bats in one browser and only 2.1 is going to arrive in my wallet and same is the case with the other browser.
The leftover bats are not lost however they were passed onto the next months earnings.
@steeven , @SaltyBanana , @Mattches
Can please look into this issue.


this happens to me pretty often. never thought of it as a bug, just the way it works. I get all the bat eventually.


Same thing on my android.

I see this for the first time in 1.5 years…


same here guys

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Same here, first time this has happened -

BAT REWARDS 2022-03-01 02-42-55

Still haven’t received last months reward yet!


Same here. :thinking:
Since 2022 just Problems.


same thing here, first time it happens tbf

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same issue here. i was supposed to get 2.4-2.5 bat but only 1.2 seems to be in processing and the rest(i think) was passed onto the month of march.

I was supposed to get 52 BATS this month and I am only getting 0.9 BAts, this is unbelievable !!!

I am also curious how Brave handles this. Some changes were made in and after v1.35.100 both on the browser-side and the server-side. This made the browser a bit more resilient (especially in displaying earnings and payouts) but I think some server-side issues could not be resolved (as not all people can be expected to update immediately).

So what you see is your earnings getting split into two parts and significant amount is getting rolled over due to server-side issue. And the worst part is most of the rolled over balance will be lost (as I think failed confirmations are retried for a week only) and they will have to be cleared eventually otherwise they will keep accumulating and getting rolled over (as browser is more resilient in their display). I am optimistic that the server side issues as well will improve going forward.

Brave will have to spend out of their own pocket to compensate all rolled over balances. May be a bonus to us all.

Bhai how come you got 50 bat pls dm.

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(post deleted by author)

Huh kid what …
What a amazing English?

Suresh yaar. Pehle khud ki theek karle.
Teri English padh ke Shakespeare aik aur baar margaya


Don’t worry. Brave is aware and is implementing some changes to prevent this. The most recent one was adaptive Captcha against Ads abuse and there are others as well. Can be tracked on GitHub.

Hey! have you heard about sarcasm?

But bro the question is how is 50 bats possible in one month?

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Yep and this is happening for 4th month in a row at least for me. But I clearly remember that the admins here were saying that this is “just a visual bug” and that will be sorted out in the v1.35.100. Well we all got to v1.35.103 but the bug is still there :thinking: As for the compesations I strongly doubting this.

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@steeven @SaltyBanana . Can you please help us out here.

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The bug that displayed estimated earnings incorrectly was a browser-side issue and it was resolved in a hotfix last month and its values are correct now. The large roll over amount is a server-side issue.

There are two ways to resolve this (in my personal opinion)-

  • Give some compensation to users which means some will get more and some will get less. This will be an expense form Brave’s own pocket. Also the Ads in the counter from last month will have to be cleared by a new fix otherwise counter will keep on reflecting them each month and users would still keep demanding them.

  • Re-run the campaigns from last month (put them on the server) for Ads to get processed and reconciled. But then users will have to keep their browser open for longer durations as each Ad will be processed one-by-one. Then roll-over balance will be part of next month’s payout.

There is also a third option, do nothing, sit-back and relax. :grin: LOL. Which is not the Brave I know and I know it is unlikely to happen.

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