Brave Rewards missing :(

Has anyone else seen their Brave rewards vanish? This is the second time in this month that this happened to me, I reached over 10 BATs and then it went down to 7 and I thought ok, maybe it’s a bug and it will eventually be fixed, but today I went down to 1.75 BAT is there a solution to this issue?

I have seen a similar post to this in the past few hours… Is this an alt account?

I don’t know if I’ve the same issue but my auto-contribute went on after an update to brave browser and my bat went to a site.
Check your auto-contribute button. I tried sending emails to and with no luck. There’s an autoreply email tell me that they will not get back to me.
No solution yet!

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It’s the first time I create an account in the brave community because it’s quite annoying to see such a big loss of months of ad watching lol

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Hey @SlowdiveFan ! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

What you are observing is the estimated earnings counter more accurately displaying what you have earned in the month. We have revamped this counter and many users perceive this drop as their BAT disappearing; your BAT has not gone missing, you are only shown the correct value :slight_smile:

Please refer to this post for more information → Update: New and improved “Estimated pending rewards” (Brave Ads earnings) counter coming in v1.27


Hell yeah, I thought its just a bug because my rewards that I earned just gone and I thought it will also comeback but its not reflecting back and when I notice it became zero again…what are you doing Brave???

yea i lost my 6bats no contribution no new account :frowning: help

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