My BATs have gone!

I just checked my ammount of BATs a few minutes ago: there were almost 4. Some minutes later they became less than 2, without any reason! I need an explanation because this browser is cheating us. It has no logic that they just dissapeared. And then, my total earn reduces to a fraction of the ammount I had. Please Brave support team, help me. Thanks. Regards,

It might be the counter was inaccurately showing last months accumulation still combined with your pending for this month. They have not actually been taken or stolen etc. This happens quite often. If you take note of last months payout what was it

Or if you have auto contribution on, does it show you contributed to creators?

I have no contribution activated. I don’t know… maybe it’s not worth it using this browser. Thanks anyway.

It is probably just that counter error. You were probably paid those missing bat last month and now it finally reflected. Did you get paid roughly some 2 bat last month? Hence on June 5thish? Another little note, if you do not want to engage in ads you do not have to. If you like the browser for its features you can use it still.

I received 2 BATS last month, but it was a “gift” as they said. So, they can’t take it away (I’d like to think it).

Then that might be it. The counter just updated unfortunately 16 days later. Maybe 17 if you are already June 17, 2021. So really they didn’t take anything away. Just a lag in the counter.

This happened to me I believe 2-3 days ago. It was showing some 6+ bat and when the counter reset it went down to 1 something. Which makes sense because I was paid out 5+ bat last rewards payout

Ok, thanks. So, they haven’t give me a gift at all if they’re taking it away, lol. Thanks for your help. Saludos!

Your welcome. Sorry I couldn’t have been of more help.

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Hey u can get it back, reach out to the CEO’s. Post on Twitter. Thank me later. They are very friendly and nice. 1 guy blocked me but I got 1.50 BAT back.

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