Brave Browser is shutting down after a bit of activity

I am having a very shitty experience with brave in the last 2 days. I have windows 11. Whenever I use the browser, after a while it starts lagging and then it completely shuts down. I noticed that the more tab I open and close the faster I reach the sudden break.

I am also monitoring the memory and noticed it keeps going up. Is there some memory leak in the play?

@asdasdasdasdas I’m going to link you to two different replies from me. Kind of long, but if you can check it all out and respond with results, it would help. Other thing, if you’re saying it shuts down, do you mean your browser or PC? If browser, I’m assuming it’s a crash. So you should be able to go to brave://crashes, make sure report is submitted (by hitting Send Now and then restarting your browser), and then share the Uploaded crash report ID.

To give the explanation on some of what I am asking in that above link:

My assumption based on what you’re explaining is you do have something uses up a lot of memory or CPU. Big thing to figure out is what’s causing it. So going through a lot of the basic troubleshooting or kind of messing with settings can help figure it out.

its a browser crash.

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@asdasdasdasdas screenshot allows info, but if you don’t mind doing a copy/paste, I know it’s a preference for the developers. It can be time consuming and small chance for error in having to try to read and type it out themselves.

But yeah, I did provide some details in my links on things you can test. And also a FYI, it’s still Sunday. Support usually doesn’t work weekends. So earliest from them will be tomorrow, but might be longer. Then once they look at crash reports, can take a while (days or even weeks) before they respond about issue with what the crash report is about.

So while we wait for that, trying to have you troubleshoot is essentially where we’ll be. Hopefully going through everything, we can isolate your issue and get it resolved.


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