Browser shuts down completely after shutting any window / instance


since maybe 24h Brave on my windows laptop has issues. Any time a window is closed (not a tab) - might be a seperate Brave instance or e.g. a Metamask popup window, all the Brave instances I have running shut down. This means e.g. when I do an operation via the Metamask plug-in which involves a Metamask popup appearing and then disappearing, when the popup disappears, Brave shuts down completely on the laptop.

The shutdown happens every time in spite of restarting the laptop, relaunching Brave, switching off hardware acceleration etc. When the browser shuts down and I relaunch it I get the “Brave did not shut down correctly, press “Restore” to restore the pages” pop-up, which restores all the tabs and instances I had open. Only when I switched off the laptop, I did not get this popup on launching Brave, which meant I lost all the tabs I had open.

The result I would expect is that only the window / instance I close is closed, not all the instances.

Brave version I am running: Version 1.26.77 Chromium: 91.0.4472.164 (Official Build) (64-bit), which appears to be the current one.

The Chrome browser works correctly on the same laptop without such issues. Did not test it with other browsers.

EDIT; unistalling and reinstalling Brave did not help.

First, I would try disabling all your extensions (if any) and see if any of those might be causing it.

If that doesn’t help, maybe try enabling crash reporting. And then after it happens again, is there anything in brave://crashes ?

Yup, there is. The previous crashes from the past two days are also all there. Haven’t installed any new extensions lately, can try uninstalling the old ones though.

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Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem. Could you finally resolved it and how? Thanks

Yeah, actually mine got resolved. I removed a couple extensions I did not use for a long time and the Presearch extension as well was awaiting some action. Once I did that the problems stopped and everything is fine.

I’ll try that.
Thank you!

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