Browser shuts down when I click or type any page

Ok so this is the thing. First of all, english’s not my native language, so, sorry for any mistakes.
Problem is, I haven’t upgraded Brave for about 2 weeks. But it’s been 3 days since this started happening. Whenever I type a page and press enter, or click on a favourite icon, the browser just closes.
No notification message, nothing. It just shuts down.
I did try to uninstal and install back again, but nothing changes. And it happens always, every darn time I try to use it.

Could you please add the system info and the brave version you are running? Does it fix with clearing the browser cache and then visiting a site/favourite?

Upgraded the browser to its latest version. And no, it doesn’t fix when visiting a fav :worried:
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-3250 CPU @ 3.50Ghz
RAM: 4gb
64 bits system.

About the Brave version, it’s the latest. Just checked.

Can you try disabling hardware acceleration from settings and check if it fixes the issue

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