Browser keeps crashing 2023

Oh, and let me share here for you, OP, and all the random people who may stumble across this topic:

  • Private Window is requested as a troubleshooting step as it often can help rule out issues regarding extensions. If it works fine in Private, most often it means one of your extension is breaking things.

  • New Profile is asked to test settings and cookies overall. Though it also helps rule out extensions. However, there are some things that get shared even between profiles. Things like brave://flags and any content filters that are in Shields. So while asking these two can help isolate potential issues for the majority, there may be additional steps to look at.

  • Disabling Shields helps us make sure that any shared content filters or Shield settings aren’t what’s causing issues.

  • Installing Beta or Nightly helps to check if flags might be the issue, but also to give a hint if it was something that might be resolved in the future. If occurs in Release but not Nightly, then it at least helps to narrow down how many lines of code has to be looked through and tested.

Then I very rarely ask for it, but:

  • Brave Task Manager (not your OS task manager) is requested so it can be known what’s going on within Brave. For example:

So on this, we can see extensions aren’t really using anything on my browser. What often tends to be the “highest” is GPU Process, but that remains pretty low. If this is open then the browser suddenly starts to freeze up, I’d expect that we would see numbers increase in a particular area. If that does happen, it might help to isolate what’s going on within the browser when the issue occurs.

Which logs are you talking about? If asking about crash logs, you submit by going to brave://crashes and then hitting Send Now. You would need to close the browser for like 30 seconds or so, then open again for it to have sent. If you have multiple crash reports, you may need to leave closed longer or close/reopen a couple times.

Locally, it would be under C drive → Users → your username → AppData → Local → BraveSoftware → Brave-Browser → User Data → Crashpad. Just be advised once you submit via brave://crashes it generally gets removed from that. So if you’re wanting to look or make a copy, you’ll want/need to do that first.