Brave crashing for no discernible reason

over the past few days, Brave has crashed, lost my work and dumped all my tabs where I can not recover them without going to history and opening them one. by. one.
I very unhappy about this. Its never happened before and i think I have had Brave for a couple of years. There is no error message either. I need a reliable browser and love Brave, at least until a few days ago when I admit to being stressed and agitated over the losses and interruption of my sessions online. I hope this is addressed quickly.

  1. I have dumped my cache a few times in the last month for slow loading, freezing up etc.
  2. I have Windows laptop 64 bit.
  3. there is no single action that seems to cause it. happens on youtube, facebook, surfing, trying to post or add comment.
    I can’t think of anything else.
    Is it just me? help

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PS. I do not know what version I am using? I know its the browser. I recently got a new computer that I had to download Brave to so if it is different than 2 years ago or so, its that one.

Hello @Judehanna

to know you brave version go to brave://settings/help

and for your issue before anything it would be nice to bookmark all the open tab and put them on single folder from the book manager here brave://bookmarks/ you can call that folder current session so in case of any issue you just go to bookmark right click on that folder then open all tab with one single click

now to solve the issue

  1. could you disable all extention
  2. try in private mode

and if it work fine then enable them one by one till you get the one that cause the issue if it still there then the issue with cache i know you said you clear it did you choose to clear it for all time or not

hope that help and have a nice day

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