Brave browser randomly closing?

My brave browser randomly closed by it’s self, not gonna lie gave me a mini anxiety attack cause i thought my computer was hacked, but i searched up for this problem a lot of other people were having the same problem (recently) so my anxiety turned into relief i’d like to clarify though, does this happen often? cause this has never and i mean NEVER Happened to me before with this browser, however when it did happen, my mouse wasn’t hovering over close button on the top right corner of the screen, so it wasn’t an accident, also when i reopened it, it said something like (brave didn’t close properly) or something along those lines not sure if it said that exactly. but it let me restore the pages i was on, and at the time i was on youtube, watching a video and it BOOM, my browser just closed, is there anyway to check for error reports, or crash reports on the brave browser? I wanna see if this was a genuine error with the brave browser, or something more sinister going on with my computer.

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