Browser keeps crashing 2023

Description of the issue: Since a few days without any changes from my side, the performance has gotten really bad, sometimes the browser just freezes when I open a new tab and at least 3 times a day the browser crashes completely. The performance has become more and more bad, after I did the last update v1.51.118
using Windows 11

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@Levine you need to hit the send now button for those. Once you do that, close brave for about 30 seconds and then reopen. Hopefully they will have sent. What you have now is not the uploaded crash report ID that is needed.


alright, how about now?

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@Levine that’s perfect. It has now submitted so that the developers can see it. And Support will have the crash report ID so they can reference it and try to pull it up themselves if needed. It may take a week or more to hear back depending on how busy they are and the number of issues being submitted. But I will tag @Mattches here so he can see it.

I am going to request you to test a few possibilities and provide some more information when you can. At least will try to tackle this on as many fronts as we can and try to make sure any information needed to help you will be available.


Try each step separately, don’t do all at once. They are essentially methods to test different potential issues. So change one and test. If it resolves the issue, you can stop there. If it doesn’t resolve, you can revert to how it was and then go to the next step.

  • Can you try to disable Use hardware acceleration when available in your settings? This is located at brave://settings/system

  • Open in Private Window

  • Create a new profile (make sure no extensions and don’t change any settings)

  • Remove any custom filters you have on content filtering in Shields

  • Turn off Shields completely

  • Go to brave://flags and look for Enable the high efficiency mode feature in the settings. Make sure it’s enabled. Then go to brave://settings/system and you should see an option that says Memory Saver. Turn it on and see if it helps.

Settings - System - Brave 5_19_2023 10_06_24

  • Install Brave Nightly and see if the same issue happens there.

  • Try using Chrome, do you have similar issue?

Additional Information

  • Does this happen after you reach any particular number of tabs?

  • Do you seem to be using any particular website when this happens?

  • Have you noticed if you have any particular content? Like does it only occur when you are playing videos?

  • Can you open the Task Manager within Brave when you see performance issue? There are two ways you can do this. One is Shift + Esc. The other is just to go to the Hamburger Menu Sync code that expires_ - Browser Support _ Desktop Support - Brave Community - Brave 4_30_2023 09_21_54 → More Tools → Task Manager. This will show all of the processes within Brave. Also will be it’s Memory Footprint and CPU. If you can screenshot, or at least keep an eye on this, it might give us some insight on what in particular is going on.

I know I’m giving you a lot of steps and things to check. I just know that support usually isn’t active on the weekend. So if they don’t get to your reports today and have some ideas or solutions, then we’ll have to do steps where possible. But I also know if you can provide some of this information, it might help them in finding a solution for you. So as you have time, maybe do what you can and advise of the results.


So I haven’t had a crash for 1 hour now after disabling hardware acceleration. The only thing now of course is that the RAM consumption has increased from 1800 MB to over 4100 MB. But at least, as I said, there was no more crash. Occasionally there is still a high CPU usage just sometimes tho (I think they were always the moment it crashed before) when I want to close a tab like where a stream is running or a tab with a running Youtube video, then the browser freezes for about 1.5 seconds and the CPU usage reaches 80-90%. I don’t have this problem with any other browser or Chrome. My PC is not too old either.
Intel 12700K

Edit: Well… Well, I was too hasty. Just when I clicked from the tab of this forum to the Youtube tab, the browser crashed again. I send the report to Brave.

Will try the other steps later when I have the time

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Can you please copy/paste/share the crash report IDs here so t hat I can have our developers take a look?

Thank you

@Mattches They shared screenshot at Browser keeps crashing 2023 - #3 by Levine or am I missing something?

If need typed out, I just did it really quick.

  • 30e00200-8e2d-1b0a-0000-000000000000

  • 2ce00200-8e2d-1b0a-0000-000000000000

  • 29e00200-8e2d-1b0a-0000-000000000000

  • e7dc0200-8e2d-1b0a-0000-000000000000

I have a few more now:

  • List item


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You do appear to have somehow hit an “out of memory” error. Can you please launch the Task Manager with Brave opened (as you have it normally) and tell me how much memory Brave is using?

Thank you

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@Mattches Its always between 2200 MB and 4100 MB at peak.

I’ve been having the same issue, it started a few days ago, no more than a week. With no changes on my end. I had hardware acceleration off already, turned it on to see if it would help but no. Now that I think of it, there was a browser update I did recently but can’t remember when and if the timeline correlates with the issue in question.

Have since followed some of @Saoiray steps regarding the flags and memory saver. But to be frank, I really hate generic responses like that- you know, the same ones they give everyone reporting an issue.

The browser has worked perfectly fine up until a few days ago, with no changes being made. So why all the sudden should they be made now for the browser to work fine again? Annoying.

Will update if problem persists after said flags & memory saver changes.

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So what I have been able to reproduce now is the following: When a Twitch stream is running and I then switch to the Brave Support Forum tab and refresh the page, clicking on the Twitch tab again, the computer freezes for 2-3 seconds and my CPU usage jumps to 80-90% and almost always crashes. So at least the browser crashed when I had hardware acceleration active before. Now it seems like it is always just about to crash or it doesn’t always crash. But Brave isn’t really usable right now, so I’ll stick with Firefox for now.

So I switched my CPU extensive tabs to firefox (which works flawlessly btw), and still no improvement. It crashes after having some tabs open and navigating between them, it starts with high CPU usage and just freezes up and can’t switch between tabs or close any then crashes.

Where can I find logs?

Flags and memory saver IS NOT a generic response. I mentioned those because it seemed like OP’s issue may have been related to memory, which is something that Mattches was able to later confirm. Other things I should have also mentioned was for OP to also check for driver updates and all, but I was (and still am) waiting for OP to share information so we can help isolate the issue.

There’s a good reason we ask for the information. It’s kind of like how when you go to the doctor’s office that they ask you for your symptoms, check your blood pressure, temperature, etc and then also tend to want to do blood labs to check how things like your cholesterol, blood sugar, etc are doing. It’s because all of those things help identify what could be going wrong. There are many things that can present the same symptoms. And not sure what people think, but crash reports often only generalize information and narrow down a bit, but still requires a lot of thought and investigation.

Oh, and let me share here for you, OP, and all the random people who may stumble across this topic:

  • Private Window is requested as a troubleshooting step as it often can help rule out issues regarding extensions. If it works fine in Private, most often it means one of your extension is breaking things.

  • New Profile is asked to test settings and cookies overall. Though it also helps rule out extensions. However, there are some things that get shared even between profiles. Things like brave://flags and any content filters that are in Shields. So while asking these two can help isolate potential issues for the majority, there may be additional steps to look at.

  • Disabling Shields helps us make sure that any shared content filters or Shield settings aren’t what’s causing issues.

  • Installing Beta or Nightly helps to check if flags might be the issue, but also to give a hint if it was something that might be resolved in the future. If occurs in Release but not Nightly, then it at least helps to narrow down how many lines of code has to be looked through and tested.

Then I very rarely ask for it, but:

  • Brave Task Manager (not your OS task manager) is requested so it can be known what’s going on within Brave. For example:

So on this, we can see extensions aren’t really using anything on my browser. What often tends to be the “highest” is GPU Process, but that remains pretty low. If this is open then the browser suddenly starts to freeze up, I’d expect that we would see numbers increase in a particular area. If that does happen, it might help to isolate what’s going on within the browser when the issue occurs.

Which logs are you talking about? If asking about crash logs, you submit by going to brave://crashes and then hitting Send Now. You would need to close the browser for like 30 seconds or so, then open again for it to have sent. If you have multiple crash reports, you may need to leave closed longer or close/reopen a couple times.

Locally, it would be under C drive → Users → your username → AppData → Local → BraveSoftware → Brave-Browser → User Data → Crashpad. Just be advised once you submit via brave://crashes it generally gets removed from that. So if you’re wanting to look or make a copy, you’ll want/need to do that first.

Regarding Memory Saver: Brave offered to me to enable it (didn’t know such option exists), but nothing changed. Brave is still using ridiculous (pardon my language) number of processes (around 11), although I reduced number of tabs to 2-3. Opera seems to be a better choice than Brave these days. Sorry…

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I tried everything, Brave has still major problems. Im staying with Firefox for now and will check Brave again in a couple of month. Dont have the time for workarounds anymore

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I opened Firefox today after not using it for a long time but I found it is using Google for the search engine. There’s no way I will use Google. Do you know if one can switch from Google to another search engine, such as Ecosia?

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My Brave browser kept crashing and lastly it doesn’t install after downloading the new version that was sent. I can not understand any of the instructions given here in this thread, so I am faced with deleting Brave altogether and returning to use Safari with Ecosia. Very disappointing especially after Glen Medder sang its praises and recommended to switching to Brave.

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Since 4 days ago, BRAVE has not been working properly, it freezes and immediately closes all tabs.
I turned off all extensions and nothing improves, everything is the same since I last updated BRAVE: